Eighteen years ago, Cheer America began its journey in the competitive cheer and dance industry for the sole purpose of providing athletes and coaches a new arena in which to compete. During the 90’s, we noticed that there was a definite need for organized competitions that were professionally run with a judging panel that enforced fairness. We also found a way to provide a fun atmosphere, and most importantly, a friendly staff. :)

From our first competition in Austin, TX at Bowie High School to our current schedule of 10 events, we have always stayed true to our principles. Our tagline is “The Way It Oughta Be.” This is a simple way to say that at Cheer America Championships, you will experience:

  • Fair Judging
  • On-Time Performances
  • Quality Venues
  • Great Prizes
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Friendly/Knowledgeable Staff

This year, come experience what CHEER AMERICA CHAMPIONSHIPS has to offer!