San Marcos Small Gym Invitational 100

November 9, 2014

w/ "Judges Review" fueled by

Coach's Eye

Texas State University - Strahan Coliseum
700 Aquarena Springs Drive
San Marcos, TX 78666


Kick your season off right with the SAN MARCOS SMALL GYM INVITATIONAL 100 in San Marcos, TX! This event will take place on Sunday, November 9th, at Strahan Coliseum on the campus of Texas State University. This competition is designed for all Small Gyms, plus gyms that have 100 athletes or less in their All-Star Cheer Program. This event will also include All-Star Prep, Dance, School, Rec, and Individual Categories.

Cheer America is also bringing back the ever-so-popular "Judges Review" fueled by Coach's Eye, where your gym will receive a complimentary Coach's Eye app and video critique from one of our expert judges in the field. Coach’s Eye is an amazing app that allows you to film, rewind, freeze, zoom, circle, point, share, slow-motion, and even compare side-by-side filming of your athletes. This app is an amazing way to help you clean your routine by analyzing technique and timing, and will help you and your athletes reach your goals this season!

We can't wait for you to begin your season with us, so be sure to sign up today for this amazing event! See you in San Marcos!!!


  • Team Fee: $60 per athlete
  • Individual/Small Group Fee: $60 per athlete
  • Crossover Fee: $50 per athlete (for each additional team)
  • Spectator Fee: $10 (kids 5 and under are FREE)


  • Grand Champion Winners will receive the official "Small Gym Invitational Grand Champion" T-Shirt
  • Grand Champion Banners
  • Division Team Trophies
  • 1st Place Teams will receive medals for each athlete
  • 2nd Place Teams and below will receive a patch for each athlete
  • Exhibition/Show Teams will receive a trophy for each participant
  • Individual/Small Group Champions will receive a plaque


For Hotel Accommodations, please click below to be re-directed to the JBS TRAVEL website. For additional assistance, please contact our JBS TRAVEL Coordinator, Sandy DeMauro, at (561)293-2490 or

Texas State University - Strahan Coliseum
700 Aquarena Springs Drive
San Marcos, TX 78666