Maverick Cheer

"It seems like this is one of the few competitions that doesn't favor really big gyms. No matter who is performing, the score seems to be what it should. No favoritism, in other words." -Tyson Thomas

Angel Cheer Force

"Your company was by far the best over all other companies we went to. This was the best experience!" -Cindy Hedrick

Oak Ridge High School

"Excellent judging panel. Staff friendliness is off the charts. Thanks for making a difference in kid's lives!" -Cindy Eberly

Spirit of Texas

"We cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful, fun, and exciting weekend. This was our ONLY out of town competition this year, and we are so glad that we saved this competition for last! Your event is one of the best! It was organized, on-time, and professional from begining to end... Absolutely ZERO stress, which is all a coach can ask for! Thank you!" -Brad Vaughn

Cheer Athletics

"I have been very pleased with your product over the years! Super friendly staff, and we love the large warm-up room." -Brad Habermel

North Star Gymnastics and Cheer

"I really enjoyed the competition. Your staff were very friendly, and we had a great time all around!" -Tyra Taylor