December 13th, 2020

Conquer Live Virtual Competition




Routines will be broadcast live just like an actual Cheer America cheer and dance event!

Teams will perform their routine live in their own gym/space at a designated time.

Routines will be judged by an official Cheer America Judging Panel.

Results will be available following the Live Championship on our Facebook and Instagram Pages.

Scoresheets, Deductions and Breakdowns will be emailed to the coach on file for each team.

Prizes will be mailed to the teams immediately following the awards ceremony.


  • All-Star, Dance, School, Rec $30
  • Exhibition/Novice $30
  • Additional Dance $30
  • Individual/Small Group $30

ONLY $80 per athlete if you choose to do all three competitions in the virtual series (Hope, Dream and Conquer Events)!

  • All Prices are per athlete.


Series Grand Champions Jackets*

First Place Team Banner and Individual Mini Banners for All Participants

Cheer America Social Media Take-Over by Division Winning Teams

2nd and 3rd Place Teams win Individual Mini Banners for All Participants

Individual and Small Group Mini Banners for all Participants

SurPRIZES are new Virtual Awards that will be given during the Virtual Awards Ceremony and/or Ranking Reveals

* Jackets will be awarded after the third virtual championship. The highest level score of the series in Levels1-6, one dance team, one and one prep team will win the jackets. Teams do not have to attend all three to Virtual Championships to win. Jackets will be shipped immediately following the awards.


Spectator viewing information coming soon.

Awards and Reveals will be available "LIVE" from our Social Media Platforms.

Video Requirements

Routines may be filmed using a video camera Only.

A Cheer Replay Conversion Box (one time fee of ($250) and a Free Download of the Cheer Replay All-Star Link is Required. The conversion box will help us provide a smooth competition experience. Cheer Replay will provide tech support for all gyms and schools that have purchased the conversion box! Cheer Replay will help gym owner determine proper video equipment needed for the event.

For all of the up to date information on Cheer Replay equipment and App, please visit their Facebook Page at:

Entire routine should be clearly visible for judging purposes.