CoVID 2022

Winter CoVID Safety Protocol

Winter Nationals 1/9/2022 ​​

Cheer America will be implementing a mask requirement for all fans and spectators. All athletes/participants must wear masks except for while on the performance surfaces in warm up and competing. The program owner and coaches will determine any additional covid protocol they deem necessary for their athletes.

The event is in two smaller sessions each with its own award ceremony. We ask that parents and fans arrive shortly before their athletes’ performance to alleviate crowding.

The performance surfaces will be sanitized before each session and each athlete is asked to sanitize their hands before the first station in warm-up (sanitizer will be provided). Athletes are to bring their own water bottles with them to the event.

Spectators are welcome to attend the Awards Ceremony for their athlete at the end of the session.

Thank you for help and for supporting Cheer America!

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