Never Alone



  • Please join Cheer America Championships and Freedom Dance Events in our efforts to keep all athletes safe for the upcoming Cheer and Dance Season. We have established new guidelines for our events, and we would like to introduce them to you and our new NeverAlone Campaign! We are asking everyone to be familiar with the policies and spread the word to all athletes and parents in the cheer and dance community. We would like to increase our safety measures against strangers, predators and other hazards by encouraging team members, children and young adults to pair up with others, or make and commit to stay together in small buddy groups. The ‘buddy system’ helps instill a sense of responsibility for one another. The NeverAlone Guideline is designed to make various situations safer. Children that are alone are much easier targets for predators.
  • This precautionary measure should be adhered to while attending all Cheer America Events this season. ATHLETES SHOULD NEVER BE ALONE IN THE VENUE. Should the athletes not be with their team or family for any reason while in or outside the facility they are required to be paired with at least one other team member.
  • All adult coaches, program owners, personnel and Cheer America Staff have the responsibility to implement this guideline by ensuring athletes in their program and at the event abide by the guideline. All adults should further engage by observing and facilitating the success of NeverAlone while in attendance at Cheer America Events.
  • We are all in this together. Let’s keep our athletes as safe as possible by keeping our eyes open for any suspicious activity. We all should make sure our athletes are NeverAlone and report anything unusual to the authorities or a Cheer America Staff Member immediately. This is going to be an amazing season and we appreciate you and hope that we can all work together to make cheerleading a safer sport for everyone!